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The Coastal Living Cookbook

The Ultimate Recipe Collection for People Who Love the Coast

"From Coastal Living magazine comes the first comprehensive coastal cookbook, overflowing with recipes and cooking tips for casual beach weekends, entertaining extravaganzas, and everyday fare. Not just great seafood, but simple table settings, stress-free party plans, cool coastal kitchen tips, grilling guidance, and more. Within these photo-packed pages, you’ll find:

• A dozen casual entertaining menus highlighting fresh seafood from the Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf coasts. The menus offer wine pairings as well as relaxed party advice from top chefs and home cooks alike. Enjoy a California Salmonfest, a taste of the Gulf Coast, Lowcountry legacy, and a Nantucket beach party.

• Recipes for any occasion, including more than 500 selections from seafood to stellar desserts, sizzling appetizers, and garden-fresh salads. Don’t miss our favorite fish dips, crab cakes, potato salads, and homemade ice creams. Relax with this visually stimulating variety of fresh and innovative beach food and beyond.

• An extensive Seafood Primer that’s all about putting you at ease when it comes to cooking seafood. It’s a complete A to Z dictionary of popular fish and shellfish.
• A red-hot grilling chapter with over 50 recipes for the grill, smoker, and wood plank. Sink your teeth into our Garlic-Skewered Grilled Shrimp, Grilled Sirloin Steak with Stilton Sauce, or Grilled Honey Chicken Wings.
• A seafood subject index and a complete recipe index which highlights recipes that are quick & easy, naturally healthy, make ahead, for the grill, for kids, and from chefs.
Whether you love the sand or the sea, shrimp or steak, this premiere Coastal Living cookbook has recipes for all taste buds and all types of cooks.
• A variety of colorful recipe chapters make up the bulk of the book, with Surf & Turf offering the heartiest fare. Recipes come from both the East and West coasts, with ideas for every season.
• Take advantage of the Coastal Living Test Kitchens’ top seafood tips, peruse the Coastal Living pantry, and preview our favorite beach-bound kitchen equipment and coolest kitchen gadgets.
• If you love to dream, get carried away with beautiful beach photography and waterfront food. Nearly 400 pages of seaside inspiration await."

About the Author
Name Editors of Coastal Living Magazine
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Publication Date March 1, 2004
Dimensions 9-3/8" x 10-3/4"
Number of Pages 368
Number of Photos 250
Number of Recipes Over 500