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LIFE Unseen Tony Bennett

In this lavishly illustrated biography from the LIFE Unseen series, LIFE partners with Sony Music Entertainment to give readers an intimate look into the life of legendary performer Tony Bennett. Through rare and never-before-seen photography from the depths of Sony's archives and contributions from the icon himself, this book is an essential collectible for the musician's fans old and new alike.

LIFE Unseen Tony Bennett takes readers through every stage of Tony Bennett's journey, from newly-returned WWII veteran to American idol and Civil Rights advocate. With a foreword by acclaimed film director Martin Scorsese and an introduction by LIFE's managing editor, Robert Sullivan, readers will experience the surprising story of an incredible artist and monumental figure in the history of entertainment, who, in his ninth decade, is enjoying his best years and his best self.

About the Author
Name The Editors of LIFE
Bio The editors at LIFE vigorously carry on the traditions of excellence in photography, journalism and storytelling of and about our country and our world, which began with the founding of LIFE magazine in 1936 by editor and publisher Henry R. Luce. LIFE has published books on a broad range of subjects, including bestsellers The Day Kennedy Died, One Nation and The American Journey of Barack Obama.

Robert Sullivan, a 30 year veteran of Time Inc. and Managing Editor of LIFE Books, previously collaborated with Tony Bennett on the musician's successful biography Tony Bennett: A Life in Art and Music.
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Publication Date November 4, 2014
Dimensions 9-7/8" x 11-29/32"
Number of Pages 192